5 Common Job Interview Questions (and Job Interview Answers )

So after countless applications, you’ve finally landed a job interview. Congratulations!

Since you’re here, you recognize that preparing the right interview answers is key when it comes to making the job yours. The good news? You’re already ahead of some of your competition. The bad news? There is none!

You’re going to be prepared, and prepared candidates are much more likely to land the role as they will give detailed, concise, and relevant interview answers – exactly what your future employer wants to hear.

To help you nail your job interview, we’re going to list 5 of the most common job interview questions that will get you well on your way to success. Let’s get started!

5 of the Most Common Job Interview Questions and Answers

Question 1 – ‘’Tell me about yourself’’

Probably the most common, and often first asked. Because it’s an open question, it’s tough to answer. However, it’s not impossible when prepared. Your answer will help the employer to observe your level of confidence and composure, so make sure you answer well!

Interview Answer: Answer this job interview question with the skills and experience required for the position. Start with a brief summary of your career history, then go on to a short overview of how you developed, focus on what you learned and achieved.

Question 2 – “What are your biggest weaknesses?”

Although it may seem hard, it’s pretty easy! Just pick a theoretical weakness and magically transform that flaw into a strength in disguise!

Interview Answer: You can say something like ‘’my biggest weakness is that I am so committed to doing my work that I lose track of time. By the time I realize, everyone has gone home! Sure, I should be more aware of the time, but I love what I do so much that it absorbs me’’.

Question 3 – “Out of all the candidates, why should we hire you?”

Sure, you’re probably tempted to roll your eyes at this question. However, employers will want to know what sets you apart, and it’s in your best interest to stand out.

Interview Answer: Talk about your skills, how you could benefit the company and produce great results. Talk about how you’re going to fit in with the rest of the team and the culture of the business.

Question 4 – ‘’Have you ever had any conflicts at work? If so, how did you deal with them?’’

We know that competition is a normal aspect in every workplace, especially when employees are working towards the same goals. However, this can often lead to conflict. If an employer asks you this, it’s probably happened in the past, and they’ll be looking to find out how you’d deal with it if it happened again.

Interview Answer: This is simple. During the job interview, give them an example of a situation that occurred, in which you then rectified with ease. They’re looking for somebody that takes ownership of their mistakes, so make sure you identify as a person who would do that should a bad situation occur.

Question 5 – ‘‘What do you know about the company?’’

The objective is clear in this job interview question – they want to know if you’ve done your homework. So, show them you have.

Interview Answer: Don’t just recite all the information memorized from their website, make sure you also add your own personal touch. Talk about the company’s objectives, but also explain what drew you to them, and how they relate to your personal and professional goals.