Working Under the Close Contact Exemption Scheme

Close Contact Exemption Scheme

Lowie Recruitment is registered as a Critical Service under the Close Contact Exemption Scheme.

If you are deemed a Household Contact, you can still work with Lowie Recruitment. During the Omicron response, critical workers who are identified as Household Contacts, that are asymptomatic and employed by a Critical Service provider, are able to continue to work.

To continue working under this scheme, you must:

  • be fully vaccinated
  • be asymptomatic
  • return a negative rapid antigen test (RAT) before entering the workplace for the duration of the isolation period
  • follow specific health protocols
  • only go to work — you cannot go anywhere else
  • Strictly use medical masks during the work shift and strictly comply with infection prevention and control protocols at the worksite
  • When the mask is removed (e.g. during lunch) physical distancing must be maintained
  • Travel solo to and from work
  • If Covid19 symptoms develop at any stage, contact Healthline, and isolate immediately

As a Household Contact, you are able to request free RATs from collection sites. The amount given per household is at the discretion of the collection site.

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