6 Advantages of temporary employment

Temporary employment has many advantages over the traditional form of workforce employment. If you are looking for an opportunity to start a professional career, temporary employment might be the best option for you. You will be able to learn and earn while providing your services, and proving value to your employer.

This article is here to give you information on some of the advantages of temporary employment to help you gain a better understanding, and make an informed decision about whether or not this would be the best option for you.

#1 A Psychological Boost

If you’re someone that’s been out of work for a while, either down to a pregnancy or travelling the world, temporary work can provide you with the psychological boost you need to know you’re capable of landing a job. Moreover, temporary employment is able to provide you with structure and a sense of meaning. 

#2 Receive an Income

Receiving an income, even if it’s only for a few months, is usually better than earning nothing. Let’s be honest, if you live in a country where you’re able to receive unemployment payments, temporary work will provide you with more money than what you will receive from the government.

#3 Avoid Blank Spaces

Another advantage of temporary employment is that it allows you to avoid blank spaces on your CV. Temporary work can help to fill the gap in your CV, even if it’s not directly related to your profession. For instance, you can tell the employer you were travelling, and worked at ABC whilst on your journey. This shows them that you’re always motivated and willing to work. 

 #4 You’re the Boss

Well, technically, you’re not the boss -but you are in full control. The biggest advantage to temporary employment is that you receive flexibility. You’re in control of your career, and you’re able to take a career break whenever you would like to. We know that not having a set routine, or fixed job may be a bit scary at first, but freedom becomes addicting when you get to live your life to the full. 

#5 Experience Can Make You

Throughout temporary work, you may find yourself in highly respected companies. If this is the case, you’ll instantly find that by just listing the names of those companies on your CV will make it glow, and will even attract potential employers to you when you’re looking to get serious -or help you land even more temporary work!

#6 Network, Network, then Keep Networking

Let’s just say it how it is -it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Of course, you need to know something too, but knowing someone high up can really work in your favour. Building up contacts can provide you with peace of mind. Whether you use them as references or to help you later on down the line, temporary work can really strengthen and lengthen your contact list.